Migrant worker hit by backing car

Verdun 9.15 a.m. – A man in a red vehicle was backing up on a Verdun side street this morning when he hit a woman crossing behind him.

The woman, a migrant worker of Ethiopian descent, was caught from torso to knee between the backing car and a white truck while she screamed for help.

The driver, shell-shocked, pulled forward and the woman was released to collapse on the asphalt. She was groaning loudly.

Naturally a crowd gathered, including another Ethiopian woman in scrubs who nursed the injured onto a chair brought from a nearby café.

It took for the shock of the experience to wane before the woman started to feel better, or at least she claimed to –  she had been in conversation with her fellow Ethiopian before her sobs quieted.  It was strange that no one had volunteered to call an ambulance or drive her to the emergency room as a precaution.

I approached her with this in mind, but just then she was helped by her friend to get up and started to limp away quickly, fast enough to warrant some concern as to the nature of her circumstances in Lebanon. I will not speculate further.

Meanwhile, the culprit of this ordeal remained in his car the whole time.

This was caught after the injured woman had cleared the scene.

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2 thoughts on “Migrant worker hit by backing car

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  2. I’m Lebanese, I LOVE Lebanon but more and more often I’m feeling ashamed to be lebanese !
    What’s this inhuman country? Who are these fucking Lebanese guys who think they are the best, while they are nothing ?!
    I’m proud when my friends told me that lebanese are friendly and open minded (thanks to migrant lebanese), but when I look lebanese people living in Lebanon I’m sometimes scare that we are the ONLY people regressing in humanity.

    We were kings, now we are becoming dogs !
    Please before act, think it.

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